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Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

Direct Deposit

Simplify your life by signing up for Direct Deposit. You can have your paycheck, Social Security or government check automatically deposited into your Central Maine FCU statement savings or checking account. It's the safe and convenient way to deposit your funds and have them accessible by check, audio response, or your Central Maine FCU Debit Card. 

Direct deposit is a method by which an Originator, (your employer, Social Security, an insurance company), can automatically deposit or withdraw funds to or from your account. We run a posting file every morning which provides the data to post the direct deposit transactions.

To set up your direct deposit of your pay to your Central Maine FCU account, you need to complete the proper paperwork with your employer. Usually, the person or department in charge of payroll can do this. You will need to know our routing number, which is sometimes called the ABA number. Our routing number is 211287926. You will also need to know your account number and the suffix where you want your pay deposited. If you want your pay deposited into your checking account, use the 9-digit number at the bottom of your checks that begins with ''50''.

To stop a health club, insurance company, or other originator from automatically withdrawing money from your account:
If the originator is withdrawing money using the ACH (Automated Clearing House System), then you should contact the originator and request in writing that they cease withdrawing money from your account. We highly recommend that you ask them to fax or mail you verification that they will no longer withdraw funds from your account in writing. You should request that the verification is signed by an employee of the originator.
If this does not work, you can complete an ACH Stop Debit Request with the Credit Union. However, you should read the disclosure we provide as part of the ACH Stop Debit Request, as it contains substantial information you will need in deciding whether to use this option.

Payroll Deduction

With payroll deduction, you can set up a periodic savings plan or make loan payments by directing a portion of your paycheck (via direct deposit) to any of your Central Maine FCU accounts. And, you can change your deductions to suit your needs at any time.

Automatic Loan Payment

You'll never have to worry about making your regular loan payment on time. We'll do it for you with automatic payment through your payroll deduction or from another account.

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